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What People Say About Us

We can tell you that our background report services are of superior quality and help customers in a variety of ways every single day, but we know it means more coming from those who have had personal experiences using our services. Here are just a few comments from our customers.

It had been a few years since I had last applied for a job, and with all the recent news about identity theft, I just wanted to make sure there weren't any problems before potential employers saw my report. The process was really fast and affordable, and I felt a lot better about sending out resumes knowing my report was clear.
Stephen Lewis
Seattle, WA
I had a DUI on my record that I hired a service to help me get expunged. I had a feeling they were scamming me, and I wanted to check to see if my criminal record had been removed. It was still there! I used my report from WhatsInMyBackgroundCheck.com to get my money back and hire a lawyer.
Adam Overton
Tampa, FL
I just recently got divorced. My ex-husband decided to declare bankruptcy to get out from under shared credit cards, and I was worried that bankruptcy would show up under my name, too. Sure enough, HIS bankruptcy showed up on MY report! I contacted the court to get them to update the record, and remove my name.
Katie Holm
Savannah, GA
A landlord turned me down for an apartment because they thought I had been evicted. I ran a check on myself at WhatsInMyBackgroundCheck.com. I showed him my clean report and he discovered the company he used to screen me had made a mistake on their report. Luckily, with this new report in hand, I was able to get the apartment after all!
Jerome Jefferson
New York, NY
I was looking for jobs as a nanny. Knowing how important safety is to families with young children, I pulled my own background report from WhatsInMyBackgroundCheck.com and got a fast, professional, and comprehensive downloadable PDF I could add to my resume to share with my potential clients.
Jenny Eto
San Francisco, CA